1. Squarepusher - Beep Street (1997)

  2. Steinski & Mass Media - It’s Up To You (Television Mix) (1992)

  3. On air 29/09

    LQF streams tonight 9-11PM SAST (GMT+2) at radio.liquidfridge.co.za Guest selections from HH this week.

    First up, rebelling without a pause with tracks from Company Flow, Saul Williams, Coldcut and others (sensitive listeners might be offended by the language and/or realness). Thereafter, a somewhat downtempo mix from the archives with tracks from Humanizer, Funki Porcini, Boom Bip & Dose One and others.

  4. SCNTST - Time In Turunc (BeachMix) (2014)

    Free download, along with tracks from Kowton, Ikonika and others on a new compilation out today - Moxie Presents Vol.1. Grab it from SoundCloud.

  5. DJ Sprinkles On How To Lose Fans And Alienate The Music Industry

    Read on Thump.

    (photo by Wak Hideaki)