1. On air 28/07

    LQF busts out the tunes 9-11PM SAST (GMT+2) at radio.liquidfridge.co.za Tonight’s guest mix goes down in a techno swirl with tracks from Iori, Substance & Vainqueur, Milton Bradley and others. Gentle persuasion mostly; won’t be stomping you into submission this time.

  2. Iori - Spiral (2010)

  3. Kerridge - Slow Motion (2013)

  4. Food of the Gods - Poison Apple (2008)

  5. On air 21/07

    LQF streams tonight 9-11PM SAST (GMT +2) at radio.liquidfridge.co.za with Martin. The usual guest mix from HH goes in unusual directions from Nigeria to South Africa to Syria and elsewhere this week.

    Last week’s slow rollers rolling into strange bangers are now up on the site. Out to the double jointed sex freaks. Download away!